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Located in the heart of Los Angeles County, the United Automotive Networks is your dedicated dealer and auto-broker for luxury and mid-priced vehicles. We understand that the purchase of any sort of motor vehicle is an extremely important and stringent process so we value the trust and the relationships that are built with our clientele. After so many years of expertise in the automotive industry, we have identified and striven to create a system where the establishment of our superior business relationships within our departments outshine our competitors We have created a network to keep all our clients happy to come back for all their vehicle needs.

At United Auto Net we understand that dealing with a trustworthy dealer to take care of your vehicle needs efficiently is a big responsibility and that you put your trust in our hands to accommodate you accordingly. That is why we have departments that deal with all aspects that need your vehicles attention. Safety and reliability while creating a stress free process and environment is key. We know that buying or leasing a car can be an overwhelming experience. Spending time and effort into dealer shopping, finding the right vehicle and negotiating with overly aggressive salesmen is frustrating and time consuming. We help ease the car buying experience for our customers so that the transition into the car of your dreams will be an enjoyable one. We have no inventory to push, no specific demands to be met, and low overhead costs.

Here are just few reasons why United Auto Network is the answer for all your vehicle needs:

• We receive fleet (wholesale) pricing on all vehicles, saving you thousands. Purchase or lease any new vehicle. Pre-owned vehicles available for purchase at 10-25% off Kelley Blue Book.
• We’ll locate your vehicle and handle all dealer negotiations for you.
• Your vehicle will be delivered directly to your home with our door-to-door service.
• One-on-one consultation which will address

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